For every customer
who is particular about to delicious fish of Kagoshima

Tsumagari shoten is a wholesaler based in Kagoshima fish market Japan.
About 150 years since our founding in the late Edo era,
we have been continuing to sell fresh fish for stores such as tuna and local fish
to customers of manufacturing industries, restaurant businesses, and hotels all over Japan.

Our customers are all professionals of food.
They have a distinctive view of tasty fish.
We lay in fish every day, intending to enable them to be impressed.
Anyone who wants to stick to Kagoshima's tasty fish, please feel free to contact us.

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Our four passions for fish for stores

Let us show our four passions
about why professional customers have appreciated our fish

Passion for good judge of fish

Passion for good judge of fish

A good judge is the wholesaler's pride. As a broker with a 150-years history, we judge and provide the best fish to each store using the strength of long experience and knowledge.

Delivering fish as fresh as in the market

Delivering fish as fresh as in the market

Endless "Challenge to the freshness"… We took a patent of the freezing technology titled "Sashimi Revolution," which can deliver sashimi from Kagoshima with freshness straight from the market.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Before delivery, we also process with primary processing that makes it easy to cook, pack by vacuum packing machine, or freeze the seafood so that it meets customer's business type or category.

Only the quantity needed when needed

Only the quantity needed when needed

Such as large to small lot size, we propose the fresh fish that meet the customer's demands. We'll be happy to sell even one piece of fillet.

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Local fish, fresh fish from Kagoshima,
which ranks in the top-class among the prefectures
active in the fishing industry in Japan

Southern bluefin tunas, its amount of landings is the highest in Japan,
Yellowtails and Amberjacks, its amount of cultivation is the highest in Japan,
Banded blue sprats, Flying fishes, and Jack knives shrimps, rooted in Kagoshima
... We provide a wide variety of great fresh fish.

  • Red sea bream
  • Rockfish(Marbled rockfish)
  • Tuna
  • Banded blue sprat
  • Alfonsino
  • Horse mackerel

Sashimi Revolution
Three advantages

About three advantages of Non-drip rapid freezing

Banded blue sprat

Freshness straight from the market

You can enjoy Kagoshima's local fish that previously inedible because of going bad easily everywhere in the world.

A dish of banded blue sprat sashimi

Long storage

Jackknife shrimps that have the closed season, Banded blue sprat great for sashimi in the cold season, Flying fish that are best in early summer! You can enjoy seasonal taste all year round.

Packaging by the vacuum packing machine

Decreasing disposal loss

Half of a sea beam, 10 Jackknife shrimps for sashimi…freezed in small quantities, you can thaw it whenever you want to use, this lets nothing go to waste.

Sashimi Revolution

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